8 Tips for healthier relationships

1. Trust your instincts when choosing a relationship or friend - don’t compromise who you are to fit in or be accepted.

2. Choose a partner or friends that brings equal energy to your relationship. Overall each person in a relationship is responsible for contributing 50%; if one person constantly takes more than they give or gives more than they take, the relationship gets out of balance and is likely to cause heartache in the long run.

3. Speak your truth as soon as you notice something bothers you about your relationship or if the relationship feels out of balance. The sooner you speak up, the greater the chance of working through your concern.

4. If one party regularly needs rescuing or has problems which take up most of your relationship or ‘friendship’ time, instead of becoming the ‘helper’ and rescuer, rather suggest he/she go for professional help with a coach or that they complete the Freedom worksheet (http://www.karenpattie.com/#!r-a-r-e-downloads/sxtm1), to understand their discomfort better.

5. Choose partners and friends that accept you for who you are and are not threatened by your accomplishments.

6. Conflict is healthy in a relationship when it is handled in a loving and gentle way. Talk about sensitive issues with your friend or partner in the way you would like them to talk to you.

7. When you get ‘triggered’ by your friend or partner, first do the Freedom Worksheet to see what they are bringing up for you to work through and release, before confronting them. Often those closest to us reflect our limiting beliefs so it’s healthier to clear them in case we inadvertently project 'our stuff' onto them.

8. Be honest with yourself about what your expectations of your friendship/relationship are - and be aware of who should be meeting these needs – you or them.

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