Ok, so how do you really know if you’re stressed out or not?

Here are 5 Top Warning Signs that you could be stressed out without even realising it:

1. Go! Go! Go!

You need to be on the go all the time like keeping busy, watching TV, using your mobile device and find it hard to sit still and relax.

2. A racing monkey mind!

You can’t stop your thoughts because they are occupied with events that have already happened in your life or worrying about what lies ahead.

3. Aches and pains!

Parts of your body ache and your muscles are tense and tight, or you are always getting sick.

4. Insomnia!

You struggle to fall asleep or you wake up during the night and can’t easily go back to sleep.

5. Irritability at the max!

You notice you are frustrated with people around you, like drivers on the road or you snap at loved ones or are easily triggered.

If you say yes to at least two of these indications, you need to take action. “But how?” you may ask. Feel free to download my Free Freedom Worksheet HERE

It’s a great place to start the journey of discovering where you may have lost your power.

It's time to release this self-limiting behavior and move towards a new, happier you – that you deserve!

Karen Pattie has a bachelor degree, majoring in industrial psychology, and is a qualified life coach. She had a ‘practical’ grounding, with many years spent successfully climbing the corporate ladder, and as an entrepreneur before having further insight to true happiness and self-awareness. Some of her other extensive ongoing education includes her qualification as a yoga teacher and Lifeline counsellor

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