5 Signs You're Choosing Your Own Sadness

“What do you mean I’m choosing to be sad?” you may ask. Well, believe it or not it’s our choice whether to feel sad, joyful, peaceful and more!

Below are 5 signs to determine if, in fact, you are choosing your own sadness:

1. You hold onto any bad memories or upsetting events from your past

2. You attach value to an object or person

3. Your happiness is dependent on achieving external goals

4. You resist and resent change

5. You are not able to replace what you have lost (love, time, etc.)

If choosing to be sad is something you’d like to change, then download my Free Freedom Worksheet HERE

It’s a great place to start the journey of discovering where you may have lost your power.

It's time to release this self-limiting behaviour and move towards a new, happier you – that you deserve!

Karen Pattie has a bachelor degree, majoring in industrial psychology, and is a qualified life coach. She had a ‘practical’ grounding, with many years spent successfully climbing the corporate ladder, and as an entrepreneur before having further insight to true happiness and self-awareness. Some of her other extensive ongoing education includes her qualification as a yoga teacher and Lifeline counsellor www.karenpattie.com

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