Where do I start?

When we are being challenged and stretched by events taking place in our life, our feelings or emotional body as it is called, is the last place we are likely to look for resolution. Generally, we have been taught from an early age to explore outside of ourselves for most of the answers to our discomfort, whether it is financial, personal, health or relationship challenges. For many it seems to be the most rational and logical approach to believe that everything and everyone else is responsible for the discomfort or inconvenience we are experiencing. If this is your belief or is the way you tackle your challenges, check in to see if this has worked for you? Also look at how successful this approach been in helping you find long term peace or the clarity you may seek?

I too was under the misapprehension and had been taught to 'fix' my problems by addressing the seemingly obvious outside cause/s, which in most cases gave me a degree of equanimity, at least for a while. Yet in the long term I soon found I experienced similar frustrations and/or events bubbling up all over again.

Unknown to me at the time is that another powerful aspect was at play, influencing my life and running unseen in the background that has far reaching detrimental effects.

Briefly, every challenging experience we have that triggers or evokes a negative emotion for us, stays with us and becomes part of our biology. Over time the compounding effect of not resolving these aspects leads to a build-up of unaddressed emotions and as long as we hold theses heavy, negative emotions we inadvertently attract more of the same. Since this is an invisible process, not only is it hard to believe that it is at play, it is also hard to believe that it is responsible for a huge part of what then shows up in our life on a day to day basis and unless attended to, can cause unnecessary stress plus undesirable outcomes.

I was therefore so excited to develop some tools that not only gave meaning to why these events were taking place, but found they can also support the release of uncomfortable emotions or dissolve patterns and situations we would have otherwise continued to attract?

Quite simply, the first step to break the cycle of powerlessness begins with the awareness that every situation that triggers a reaction in you has its origins in a past painful, hurtful event that was either consciously or unconsciously suppressed. So when your buttons are pressed it is a signal that there is an unresolved emotional wound indicating that some part of you requires your attention.

It would be relief to know that this does not necessarily mean you need to wrack your brain to establish the original cause of your discomfort or dredge up your past to ascertain where it all first started – instead you can be easily guided by merely observing then experiencing what you are feeling now, which will begin to clear the unpleasant feelings and the restricting beliefs you hold, freeing you to enjoy your life.

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