Stop the repetitive patterns in your life and find happiness again.

Do you find that new relationships always get to the same miserable point, as others before have - AND YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP THAT HAPPENING?

Or when you leave one unhappy job for a bright, promising new one, it eventually ends up the same way as the last one, regardless...AND YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER IT, NOR THE INEVITABLE PAIN THAT FOLLOWS?

For a limited time, get FREE access to the Quick Stress Release Guide, PLUS a FREE phone consultation with Karen to assist with using it!


Hi, I'm Karen Pattie, Conscious Living Coach.

What if I told you there is a way to change these programs so that you have more control over the events in your life?

I have developed this QUICK STRESS RELEASE GUIDE to help uncover the root causes of the issues that keep recurring for you, so you can release them. Once you are aware of them, you will be able to make changes and shatter your old patterns and allow more peace and harmony into your life.

The QUICK STRESS RELEASE GUIDE has proven to be extremely effective yet simple to follow and has enabled my clients to gain more clarity and release the destructive patterns that have been ruling their lives.

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"...for anyone who is looking to calm and clear their mind and to provide themselves with a wonderful tool to de-stress and de-clutter their lives.  It has made a huge impact in my life and has helped me to deal with my everyday workload in a more productive and calm way.  I feel more centered and at peace." LG

"I met Karen during what I would describe as the most painful time period of my life, just after my husband left me. I had hit rock bottom and in all honesty I didn’t know which way to turn. Karen’s coaching literally changed my life."CP

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciouness that created it"

Albert Einstein