Module 1:   54 minutes 


Module 2:   Part 1 - 54 minutes           Part 2 - 51 minutes    Total: 105 minutes


Module 3:   72 minutes


Module 4:   Part 1-  50 minutes           Part 2 - 30 minutes     Total: 80 minutes


Module 5:   50 minutes


Module 6:   82 minutes

Save yourself time and energy with this condensed version, which can bring you rapid relief.

You don’t have to do it on your own.

Free yourself from your past hurts, fears and discomforts that are holding you back.




What does the R.A.R.E. online program include?


When you choose R.A.R.E. you receive a comprehensive course and supporting materials which you will use over and over again as you encounter life's challenges. Even though the course is structured to follow the six modules, you get to customise R.A.R.E. to suit your needs.



1. Six course modules conducted by Karen Pattie, B.Com. (audio and PDFs)


Karen guides you through each Module of R.A.R.E., Review. Accept. Release. Empower., to unravel the whys and hows of your loss of your power and your limiting beliefs. She supports you to establish a strong foundation for the letting go and release process of your limiting beliefs and equips you with practical and effective tools to uncover the underlying causes and ‘purpose’ of each life experience. The program supports you to shift as you reconnect with your authentic self, to reclaim your power and discover inner peace. 
















2. Foundation exercises


Content-related exercises will empower and support your journey for inner peace. These exercises will help you to identify the areas of your life where you seek change and what changes are you aiming to achieve. They will pinpoint where you are being challenged and highlight what limiting beliefs you hold, unpacking a tool box of worksheets and processes to support releasing past hurts, fears and discomfort. The foundation exercises will assist you to design the future you have always yearned for with a goal-setting process, plus a step-by-step guide to establish a maintenance program that supports your new empowered state.



3. Eight audio-guided breathing exercises and processes for use anywhere, anytime


Download guided audio instructions for breathing exercises to instantly calm and relax you while you are going through a tough time or any challenging situation. These eight breathing exercises help to release toxins, relax your mind and body, relieve tension and pain, strengthen your immune system and boost energy levels.



4. One-hour private coaching session with Karen


The R.A.R.E. online program includes a one-hour personal, individual coaching session with Karen on the subject of your choice. Whether it’s to answer questions, to tackle a challenging situation or to gain perspective on patterns or limiting beliefs you hold, you will be given the opportunity to work directly with Karen.  



5. Demonstration of a worksheet session


Go deeper into a process with a sample session of the Freedom Worksheet, giving you a live example of how to complete a worksheet. Have any queries? Get answers when you listen to Karen walk Kathryn through a worksheet.




6. Body Scan


Download a 20 minute body scan. The body scan, a relaxation and mindfulness technique, is now widely used in the top stress clinics around the world. This body scan meditation facilitates a detox by tapping into the innate wisdom of your body, its ‘cellular intelligence’, while also helping you to enter into a deep state of relaxation. This powerful technique enables you to connect with your body as a whole with its physical sensations, as well as to develop your ability to concentrate on specific parts of your body. Taking time to be ‘present’, allows you to increase your awareness of your body, to create a space for a deeper understanding and experience of self, supporting self-healing.

7. PDF scripts of each Module

You can download a copy of the Module content to read and review at your leisure.  This will enable you to revisit subjects that you strongly identify with, as well as give you the opportunity to integrate the program content on a deeper level.



8. Member only Facebook page


This provides access to personal mentoring by Karen on a daily basis, with any questions answered to support and guide you through R.A.R.E





Your valued contribution


My goal when writing R.A.R.E. was to carefully select and share relevant and pertinent information that would effectively help shift you, while also saving you from feelings of frustration and confusion, from wasting money and from the years it took me to discover the most effective methods that will transform your life.  


My intention is for you to feel empowered as quickly as possible, to free you from needing any more external help, and to feel comfortable about making the best decisions for your well being. R.A.R.E. takes you out of the endless cycle of addressing symptoms by looking at the underlying causes of your discomfort.


This is the culmination of my life’s work and since we all participate in our own ways to give back to the community, this is my contribution. The online course is an investment of $1750, which is the all-inclusive cost for the program including all of the resources listed above that will support you on your journey. 










You are not on your own as you start your quest of self-discovery,

I am with you every step of the way, as you master these tools and discover your

confidence to move into your new life.  



The course comprises six modules which you can do at your own pace.

Each module builds on the previous one, so you will get a greater benefit by doing them in sequence.

You will have four months in which to access and complete the course and can revisit the modules over and over during this time.



You will look back at this investment of time and money as being the greatest gift to yourself, ever.


Congratulations on taking this step towards inner peace and growth!