“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

- African proverb

If you enjoy the dynamic energy of a group and prefer the company of like-minded people, why not attend the 10-week R.A.R.E. workshop?

Feel supported in the sanctuary of the group with others experiencing their own challenges, yet seeking the same outcome – a happy, balanced life that you are in control of.


Walk with others as you create the blueprint not only for the life you want to live but also

for the life you deserve to live! 






  • Give you the shift you are looking for


  • Create a clear path to achieve your goals

  • Equip you with tools to overcome any challenge


  • Free your energy and get immediate results

  • Uplift and energise you


  • Facilitate access to experience inner peace

R.A.R.E. workshops can also be customised for any corporate or professional association.  


Group size

All groups have a minimum of four participants.  


  • The R.A.R.E. workshop comprises five initial one day a week sessions (covering modules 1 -4).

  • A further 2 weeks of one day session after initial releasing is done (covering modules 5-6).

  • Complete course workbook and a USB with audio, plus access to online program for convenience.

  • Each day begins with 15 minutes of breathing and gentle stretching.

  • A guided meditation and chakra clearing exercise each course day.

  • An individual Sensory Energy Healing session after completing Week 6 (at your convenience).

  • 2 x individual telephone sessions (30 minutes each).  

  • A one-on-one coaching session (2 hours).  



The tranquil forest setting of Numala Forest Retreat

situated in The Observatory, Gold Coast, Australia (10 minutes from Robina Town Centre).


The R.A.R.E. workshop is held one day a week over a five-week period plus two follow-up

group day sessions in the 10 – 12 week period thereafter.

Workshops start at 9.00 am and finish at 3.00 pm.

There is a 45-minute lunch break and a 10-minute tea break in the morning and the afternoon.

Tea, snacks and lunch is included.


$5,500 in a single payment or two payments of $2,800 each (please ask for details).


Ongoing Support

While the R.A.R.E program will leave you with a complete set of tools to help you deal with any issues

as they arise, you may wish to see Karen on a regular basis in the months following

your course for individual coaching sessions as well as

Sensory Energy Healings to help your transition.


This may also be an opportune time to undertake a past life regression.





 1 x 1.5 hour One-on-One coaching session per month

  • 3 month follow-up pack $690            Saving  $97.50

  • 6 month follow-up pack $1290        Saving  $285

  • 12 month follow-up pack $2400       Saving  $750


Ad hoc consultations are also available.

Sessions are charged at $175 per hour or part thereof.


Sensory Energy Healing

1 x 1.5 hour Sensory Energy Healing session per month

  • 3 month follow-up pack $450           Saving  $75

  • 6 month follow-up pack $850              Saving  $200

  • 12 month follow-up pack $1575          Saving  $525

Ad hoc healings are also available.

Sessions are charged at $175 per 90 minutes.



1 x 2 hour session   $350


R.A.R.E. – Review. Accept. Release. Empower. … your guide to inner peace