asked questions




What problems can R.A.R.E. help with?

Any of the R.A.R.E. courses can help you with a wide variety of challenges ranging from emotional, physical, and financial to simply wanting to live differently. At the base of each of your stresses lies a set of limiting beliefs that are the underlying causes of your discomfort. By uncovering and releasing these as well as your emotional discomfort, using the R.A.R.E. worksheets and transformational processes, you will shift from powerlessness to empowerment and experience freedom in all aspects of your life.



How long should I take to complete the Online program?

The R.A.R.E. online course has been designed so that you can do it when you feel like it. The six modules and accompanying exercises vary in length and while you may find you sail through some, others modules may require more time. A suggested time table is included in the course content to help you plan and schedule.



What happens if I get stuck when doing the Online program?

Included in the R.A.R.E. online program is a one hour personal coaching session with Karen, giving you the opportunity to work through and overcome any obstacles you may have encountered. Since R.A.R.E. involves shifting the perspective from which you view your challenges, it can take time to integrate. To ensure ongoing support as well as facilitate this change you can book a one-on-one session with Karen at any time to address whatever blocks you are experiencing.



Is it okay to attend the Group Workshop with my partner/friend?

Yes it is, it would be wonderful to share this experience with someone special in your life, especially since you will have many shifts and realisations during the program. Attending the Workshop with a partner or friend that understands the process will not only help you to accelerate and integrate your learnings, it will also help to keep you on track.



Do I have to share my story with everyone in the Group Workshop?

Many of the processes are done individually so that your story remains private. There are opportunities however, to share your story with the Group if you choose but this is not essential.



Why are the Group Workshops only held once a week?

Workshops are held once a week to allow for the integration of the course material covered in each session, as well giving you time to complete the corresponding exercises. By only meeting weekly, it also facilitates deeper issues to surface as well as a more in depth understanding of aspects to be explored.



Do I need to attend each Group workshop session?

Each R.A.R.E. group workshop session builds on the previous session, so missing one will mean that you will miss important aspects and shifts required for the next week’s course material. You are however, given a workbook which you could look and work through during this time.



Can you guarantee that R.A.R.E. will work for me?

While many people around the world have experienced shifts and long term positive personal growth from working with Karen and her processes, methods and programs, it is important to know that the end result for each person is very different. The sole purpose of R.A.R.E. is to support and empower each person to live a fulfilling life, accessing their full potential and is presented with the best intention to achieve this.


The effectiveness and outcome of R.A.R.E. is however dependent on the extent and frequent use of the techniques and tools provided. Neither Karen nor her other associates can therefore make any guarantees with regards to the individual experience for each user or participants. Since we are unique, each of our experiences will vary as they are based on many factors including personal experiences, culture, gender, behavioral patterns to name but a few. It has been the experience that the more the suggested tools and processes are used, the deeper the shift, the more integrated the new paradigm, leading to positive results. We therefore make no claims with regards to the results from using the tools, methods, processes or techniques, or from being a participant in the online program, One-on-One or Group Coaching.


Will you refund me if R.A.R.E. does not work?

Yes. If you find your approach to this program is with the possibility of failure in mind, there is a strong chance it won't work for you, as the thoughts we hold onto have a way of showing up in our reality.  If that door is left open as an option then it will serve you better not to buy the R.A.R.E.