If you prefer an accelerated customised and personalised approach, then R.A.R.E one-on-one coaching is for you. Although the online program and group workshops will achieve the same end result, you may choose one-on-one coaching.

What does one-on-one coaching do for you?

  • help you reach higher levels than you may attain on your own

  • support your commitment to change

  • expedite identifying and clearing beliefs that are keeping you stuck

  • give insight and perspective into patterns/events/people in your life

  • facilitate self-awareness

  • provide direction and guidance

  • equip you with tools to release past hurts and disappointments

  • reframe your past from an empowered standpoint

  • reflect on learnings from past experiences 

  • motivate and inspire you to manifest the life you dream of

  • support you to dissolve fears

  • instill a strong sense of self-belief

  • help you access your full potential

  • shift you faster by keeping you accountable and on track

  • offer solutions for your list of ‘unanswered questions’

  • help you rediscover inner peace

  • keep you on track.

What does the program comprise?

The course runs over two consecutive, extended weekends and includes all meals and accommodation for the duration, as follows:

Weekend 1: Arrive 6pm on Thursday evening to 5pm on Sunday afternoon

Weekend 2: Arrive 6pm on Friday evening to 5pm on Sunday afternoon

How is the program structured?

The program comprises six modules; the first four are covered on Weekend 1 and the remaining modules on Weekend 2.

  • Complete course workbook and USB with audio.

  • Plus access to the R.A.R.E. online program for convenience when travelling.

  • Individual daily 60-minute yoga session and breathing exercises.

  • Daily guided meditation.

  • A Sensory Energy Healing session at the end of each weekend.

  • A past-life regression therapy session (optional).



  • 4 x individual coaching sessions (90 minutes) over a 12-month period to support your change and address any ‘paradigm shift’ challenges.

Where is the program run?

The program is run in the tranquil forest setting of the elegant Numala Forest Retreat, in Bonogin, Gold Coast, Australia.

All meals and accommodation are provided at the retreat.

Transportation from and to the Gold Coast Airport is included or parking is available on-site.

Is there support available after the course?

While the R.A.R.E program will leave you with a set of tools to help you deal with any issues as they arise, you may wish to see Karen on a regular basis in the year following your course for individual coaching sessions to help your integration, these packages are available to you:



 1 x 1.5 hour One-on-One coaching session per month

  • 3 month follow-up pack $690              Saving$97.50

  • 6 month follow-up pack $1290            Saving$285

  • 12 month follow-up pack $2400          Saving$750

Ad hoc consultations are also available. Sessions are charged at $175 per hour or part thereof.

Sensory Energy Healing

1 x 1.5 hour Sensory Energy Healing session per month

  • 3 month follow-up pack $450                   Saving$75

  • 6 month follow-up pack $850                   Saving$200

  • 12 month follow-up pack $1575              Saving$525

Ad hoc healings are also available. Sessions are charged at $175 per 90 minutes.

A FREE initial personal consultation is included in the package, to review how R.A.R.E. can change your life as well as identify your goals and intentions.


Please contact Karen on info@karenpattie.com to set up an appointment.


R.A.R.E. – Review. Accept. Release. Empower. … your guide to inner peace   



Not only will R.A.R.E. empower you, it will help you attain deep happiness which is your birthright