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When you register for the R.A.R.E. Online Program you will receive instant access to the full course of modules and downloads, in moments from now, to complete at your own pace.


With this purchase, you will have access to:


- A Skype one-on-one coaching session 

- Audio's and pdf material

- Action guided exercises

- Guided breathing exercises

- Worksheet demonstration

- 20 minute body scan

-Online support

Module 1

Invest in your happiness

and well-being – R.A.R.E.

Review. Accept. Release. Empower can help change your life and relieve any discomfort you are feeling.




Module 3

Build pillars to support you through your journey and beyond. The road to reclaiming your power may be paved in ritual, meditation and prayer, but also in laughter, dance and music.


Module 2

Discover the causes of your disempowerment. So you gave your power away – but don’t despair, it’s waiting for you to reclaim it!


Module 4:

Your tools to release and let go of your discomfort and pain -  to support you to take your power back.Yes, forgiveness and letting go are powerful and empowering acts.


Module 5:

Restore your true self by discovering your life purpose and set goals to design your ideal  



Module 6:

Select nurturing and supportive daily practices - retain your power with a maintenance program.