Karen Pattie is the founder of the R.A.R.E. Program and a highly sought after Conscious Living Coach.

‘I am passionate about and committed to helping others find the key to their own happiness, and to facilitate the healing or direction needed to add meaning to their lives.’
- Karen Pattie -

Karen's life has been a journey of discovery, during which she immersed herself in and explored many different approaches and philosophies, searching for inner peace. She studied counselling, engaged in self-help courses and read every book she could find that would give solutions to the questions that plagued her, and that would help relieve her of the emotional discomfort she kept pushing away.  She searched and sought answers from numerous traditional modalities and counselling methods over the years but nothing much changed – at least not permanently. Karen felt no closer to living the peaceful, balanced, uplifting life she yearned for. Yet she persisted and finally reached her own personal tipping point, phenomenally shifting her and enabling her to let go of her limiting emotions and beliefs, and to rebuild her self-worth, creating a positive belief system that has changed her life.


The change in Karen was so profound, empowering and so obvious to others, that questions about it kept coming and she realised that we each have our own story, even those who seemed to have a ‘perfect life’. Awakened to her own potential - while discovering the underlying causes of her discomfort, and finding successful solutions - she started to help friends and then clients (the broader community) reframe and regain their power – R.A.R.E. is the culmination of this quest and lifelong journey.


After witnessing the many life-changing experiences in others and facilitating greater awareness about the causes of their discomfort, Karen felt drawn to share her insights with as many people as possible to help them live to their full potential in peace and happiness.  R.A.R.E. has empowered many to peel back the layers to reveal their true issues and achieve growth in their personal lives.


Karen has approached her study of personal transformation and healing from a scientific point of view – requiring visible proof, as well as experimenting and experiencing it herself before accepting its veracity. She discovered that self-empowerment and healing offers amazing benefits for each person – leaving it up to them to determine what future they wish to create and to enable them to manifest the life they deserve to live.



Karen has a bachelor degree, majoring in industrial psychology, and is a qualified life coach. She had a ‘practical’ grounding, with many years spent successfully climbing the corporate ladder, and as an entrepreneur before having further insight to true happiness and self-awareness. Some of her other extensive ongoing education includes her qualification as a yoga teacher and Lifeline counsellor.


During Karen's 25 years in the corporate world, she both witnessed and experienced the broad extent and detrimental effects holding limiting beliefs has for her, for others and for productivity.  She also gained an in-depth grasp and understanding of the disruptive nature of the ego as well as the role it plays in the mechanics of business. Her knowledge of the workings of a corporation, from a senior managment position, gave her insight into how easy it is to lose your real self and get caught up in the rat race, if you are not aware. 


Karen has a strong track record of interacting with people from all walks of life and adds a wealth of experience to her record of integrity. She offers three different R.A.R.E. program options to help you to discover, understand and evolve the real you to awaken your full potential.


Karen's resilience comes from experiencing the struggles of a challenging childhood, to weathering broken firendships and relationships, to feeling completley disempowered and hopeless and to believing that life could only ever deliver more of the same.  Through her own personal journey, Karen experienced first-hand the effects of carrying unresolved emotional pain from childhood into adulthood, and how this tainted every aspect of her professional and personal life.  The decades of feeling a victim of helplessness gave her a deep understanding of how feeling that way only continued to attract more drama and disappointment into her life.  She learnt instead to Review. Accept. Release and Empower and, in doing so, created R.A.R.E. - an effective program that will deliver the shift you are looking for.

'The only source of knowledge is experience.'

- Albert Einstein -


'R.A.R.E. has helped me peel back the layers of myself that I didn't even realise existed, in a logical rational way I would relate to.' 

- Peter -


'It feels like I have taken out the kinks or unblocked the roadmap I was programmed with during my life, to release who I am supposed to be and to allow my true potential, purpose and happiness to naturally unfold.'

- A grateful guy -