“My deepest fulfillment in life, comes from the times when I can guide a woman or man to truly know who they are  and that they powerful beyond measure.  When they access their full potential and find their deep and lasting happiness.”        

- Karen Pattie -                                      

You could say my life has been a voyage of exploration and discovery.  For as long as I can remember, I fervently sought answers to the questions that plagued me, and relief from the emotional pain I kept ‘pushing away’ since childhood.


I studied and researched many different approaches and philosophies, from traditional counselling modalities to any type of self-help course or book I could get my hands on - ALL in the search of 'illusive' happiness and  inner peace. I immersed myself fully into every principle, idea and technique I could find, yet, even after all the work I did, I still felt no closer to living the peaceful, balanced and uplifted life I yearned for. It seemed nothing changed for me, at least not permanently.

I had experienced first-hand the effects of carrying unresolved emotional pain from childhood into adulthood, and saw how this tainted every aspect of my professional and personal life.  The decades of feeling a victim of helplessness gave me a deep understanding of how this only attracted more drama and disappointment into my life.  Yet I was determined, so I never gave up.

​In 2008, I reached my tipping point, where I could no longer bear any more pain or drama.  It was then that I discovered the missing pieces - Review. Accept. Release and Empower and in doing so, the R.A.R.E. program was born - the culmination of my quest for peace and happiness.

The change in me was so profound and empowering, it shifted me at my core and enabled me to release emotional trauma and limiting beliefs that had plagued me for so long.  I rebuilt my self-worth and created NEW supporting and empowering belief systems that fundamentally changed me from the inside out. 

It wasn’t long before the change, became very obvious to others.  Questions about the ‘new me’ kept coming and I began to realise, I was not alone in this, we ALL have our own story, each one of us; even those who seem to have a ‘perfect life’.

A Little More About Karen
Karen Pattie is the founder of the R.A.R.E. Program and a highly sought after Conscious Living Coach.

From her 25 years in the corporate world at a senior management position, she has a strong track record of interacting with people from all walks of life.  She also holds insight into how easy it is to lose your real self and get caught up in the rat race, if you are not aware.

Karen has a bachelor degree, majoring in industrial psychology, and is a qualified life coach. She had a ‘practical’ grounding, with many years spent successfully climbing the corporate ladder, and as an entrepreneur before having further insight to true happiness and self-awareness. Some of her other extensive ongoing education includes her qualification as a yoga teacher and Lifeline counsellor.


​Awakened to my own potential, I started to help friends and then clients to reframe and regain their power.  Over the years, I have worked with countless clients and witnessed so many extraordinary life-changing experiences, that I now feel compelled to reach as many women as I can to share my story and the life-changing relief and results the R.A.R.E. program brings.

The approach to my personal study of transformation has always been from a more scientific and evidential standpoint – I require visible proof along with the personal experience of the shift before I ever accept its veracity or share it with others. In other words, EVERYTHING I have included in the R.A.R.E program has been tried and tested not only by myself, but countless others, and it WORKS.

The process of self-discovery and transformation is a very sacred and personal journey, one that offers unique benefits for each and every person – so the next step is really up to you to decide...

​What future do you wish to create?  and

Do you choose to manifest the life you truly deserve to live?

'The only source of knowledge is experience.'   - Albert Einstein -

It feels like I have taken out the kinks or unblocked the roadmap I was programmed with during my life, to release who I am supposed to be and to allow my true potential, purpose and happiness to naturally unfold.

- Grateful  -